Tesla Model S P85D

We couldn't believe our eyes!

Can the new Tesla really outrace a snowmobile?!

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A new version of the Tesla has arrived and it shall ensure that the success continues . Model S has in fact been outfitted with all-wheel drive, and tested in the mountains.

So, what would be more natural than doing a drag race against a snowmobile on a frozen lake (see video above) ?

Raw power

There is a strong couple of vehicles at the starting line. Even the most powerful adjectives become weak when describing the forces of a Tesla Model S P85D. This is the strongest, fastest and most expensive version yet, including all-wheel drive

The two electric motors,  the strongest runs the rear wheels and a smaller motor runs the front wheels, has a total of 700 hp.

0-100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds . That is a number only the baddest sport cars can beat!

The distribution of forces in all-wheel drive is "floating". Tesla says the system responds at lightning speed to differences in grip and constantly distribute force where most advantagous.

Drag race against a snowmobile

TESLA vs SNOWMOBILE: On a iced lake. PHOTO: Petter Handeland

TESLA vs SNOWMOBILE: On a iced lake. PHOTO: Petter Handeland

The snowmobile is called Lynx Boondocks. Owner Sondre Bjøberg calls it a " roughhousing scooter " with 800 cc and around 160 hp .

Like a very fast motorcycle, in other words, with the acceleration capabilities accordingly . When Bjøberg steps on the gas pedal, the speed increase is surreal.

The drag race takes place on the ice rink at Tisleia in Gol , on a plowed strip of water. A thin layer of snow covers the ice.

It's all about the beginning

EVEN SPEED: Who will win?PHOTO: Petter Handeland

EVEN SPEED: Who will win?PHOTO: Petter Handeland

When it's "go-time" I press the accelerator to the floor . The sounds Tesla gives off, totally overruns the snowmobile's hurricane roar.

The snowmobile's belt grinds away at the thin layer of snow and ice, but does not stick well enough.

The scooter accelerates quickly as soon as it gets a better grip. But in no time the long straight stretch ends, and Tesla is still first.

- On the snow I would have won quite easily, says Bjøberg afterwards.

But at the ice rink, Tesla Model S P85D is the fastest.


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