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Nordmenn sett utenfra

Arrogante, rasistiske, uhøflige, kalde og kjedelige. KJEDELIGE?!

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Leter man på nettet, kan man finne mye rart. Og kanskje sannheten?

Innimellom lar vi våre brukere slippe til på forsiden. Denne gangen har vi hentet frem ett blogginnlegg fra vår venn Odd. Take it away, Odd:

Her om dagen satt jeg og kjedet meg med pc'en fanget, og søkte random words google, som man jo gjerne gjør når man kjeder seg.

Jeg søkte "boring", og en av toppsidene som dukket opp var et forum som diskuterte "Is Norway boring?".

Vi nordmenn elsker oss selv og skryter av oss selv og digger når utenlandske (spesielt kjendiser) skryter av Norge, når Norge blir nevnt i en tv-serie som Futurama ("But theres always hope... and as usual... its norwegian"; Hubert Farnsworth, season 6 episode 13) og Simpsons blir vi fra oss av lykke.

Men det er på tide at vi klatrer ned fra vår høye hest og ser hva folk egentlig mener om oss! Det er nemlig ikke bare positivt.

Forumtråden Is Norway boring? har 1456 kommentarer, og dette er et lite utvalg:

Been living in Norway for 9 years but the time has come to move on. Why? Incredible boredom!! It must be the most boring country in the world - by far!!
And standards are falling quickly. prices are so inflated that it is unbelievable. The people are often rude and arrogant. They talk about themselves and money - along with anything reagrdingNorway. They don't say please. They ignore queues and they make up prices for services i.e to rip you off. They couldn't give a hoot about tourists. They have no sense of humour and they effectively work half a day. Can't get anything official done because all Govt. workers are home by 3pm.
Just come to Norway if you want to die of boredom. I thought the idea of a 'cleaner' and healthier lifestyle would appeal... andfmaybe it would if it was out of Norway. The price to have nicescenrery is far too high here because the people, their attitudes and their arrogance (and arguably, their ignornace) is not worth the sacrifice. Selling up at the moment and I can't wait to leave. Awful place.

I lived in Norway for 6 years and I totally agree with the boredom. I made good money and had a nice home and drove a newmercedes. Bored to hell!! If your not into the drinking scene and a nature lover it's pure Hell. My wife being from Norway wasn't to happy to leave but I have promised her that when we are old and ready to retire/die then we will move back. I'm not sure what we will be moving back to but I will keep my word and move back. The people are the most ignorant people I have ever met. No fault of there own as I feel they are brainwashed. I have lived in 9 different countries and have never met so many people with so little manners. It was just unreal. Like I say I don't think they are rude just ignorant!! I live in Texas by the way.

I agree with Norway being one of the most boring countries on the Planet.I don't think the locals find it boring as apart from their yearly holidays they have little to compare it to.

After three years I have had enough of making mental excuses for peoples lack of manners and coldness.No longer can I simply dismiss their behaviour as "a cultural differance".I honestly beleive Norwegians are a cold, unfreindly ignorant race of Drones.
Sorry to say it,but most people will never visit Norway and to be honest I don't think its worth the carbon emissions. I lived in Oslo for two years working for an international company and my happiest day in life was the one I left Norway.

Are Norwegians rude, insensitive, xenophobic, etc.? No, it's so unfair to use those words to describe them; THEY ARE JUST BLOODY ARSEHOLES, that's all!
They are lazy, ineffective, arrogant and pathetic creeps. They have nothing to contribute to the rest of the world but hot air from both front and rear orifices.
Save your money and don't even think of going to Norway unless you enjoy being abused verbally and mentally.

I agree with the comments that Norway is the most boring place on Earth...after living in Norway (both Stavanger and Oslo) for nearly to years i have come to realise how much i hate thenorwegians, their arrogance and way of life....i have practically become a racist against Norwegians!!!

As an oil and gas project manager, i have lived in at least 10 different places in the past....this is the worst....they are hypocrits,arogant, dirt (most of the engineers in my office hardly ever shower), racist, full of nepotisim and extremely anti social. Norway has practically no infrastructure, is overpriced, and its cities are really ugly!!! places like indonesia has better transport, cities like beriut look prettier and better equiped....i'm out ofwords....i am looking to leave as soon as possible!!!! if they all this a country, developed, advanced or anything they are reallywrong....mistaken and should rethink where do they stand in th world....also...i believe no one has ever told the norwegians what life is is not about living alone and spending free time sitting on teh sofa staring at the ceiling....

Det er tydeligvis fra barn, fulle folk og forumskribenter man får høre sannheten. Vi er en kjedelig, homogen sosialiststat med ræva full av penger, uhøflige og selvopptatte.

Okay. Eller?

Kommentarfeltet er åpent.

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