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Her er min historie om den fine opplevelsen jeg hadde når jeg fødte i seteleie. Jeg har delt denne historien med en del venner som ikke kan norsk så derfor engelsk :)


Giving birth was no picknick in the park, nor was it as hard as I had expected. Maybe the fact that I was prepared for the worst case scenario made it better than I could have dreamed of. Hard to tell because I do not have anything to compare it to. Anyway, here it is in a nutshell.


The good. An amazing midwife that made everything a lot easier. The baby was fairly small and she caused no trouble on her way out. Nitrous Oxide, made me sound like a drunk according to the boyfriend. I tried saying something to the doctor and ended up giggling as I pointed to the inhaler. It gave me something else to focus on anyway. I felt ready to take a walk right after delivery but the the midwife said no. "You are not getting out of bed until you eat". As I mentioned she was small but not too small for us to be moved to the hospital hotel right after I ate and showered. They took us there in a golf car in the underground tunnels. That was also an experience. I was in front chatting with the nice transport lady and dad sat with the baby in the back. It was surreal that a couple of hours before she was still inside me trying to find her way out.


The bad. Contractions while dad was in the store and I was in the car, poor neighbouring cars. Having to put on some pads/diapers that made everything I had seen so far look small (they sent them with us from the hospital just in case). The water breaks in the toilet and you know you have to move, put on a diaper and get down to the hospital. Feeling that either I am going to crap my pants or the baby is coming. I felt a lot safer when I was in bed at the hospital. Last but not least, when the time comes ladies drink Lactulose and lots of it, better to be safe than sorry. It took two months before that part worked as before.


The comedy. Me thinking that we would just go home and relax, eat something and check in later. Contractions made that impossible. The door handles will never be the same again, at least not until they are fixed. Boyfriend trying to convince me that I had to leave the toilet. I put on shoes and ran back, put on a jacket and ran back again, it took some skills to get me off the toilet and out the door. My first trip down to the hospital I had my jeans on, decent shoes and looked presentable all over. The second time not so much, first worn out sweatpants I saw, something that looked like shoes and a hat half on. We waited for about 15 minutes the second time we came down, I was six cm dilated and soon ready to give birth on the floor. A doctor walked by, unfaced by the looks of it, seen it all before you know. Since she was in a breeched position and the delivery room was crowded awaiting the baby's arrival,  I was there with my big opening.


That concludes my giving birth adventures.

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